Violin Preset Pack for the Hotone AMPERO


Enhance your violin sound with my Violin Preset Pack for Hotone AMPERO MP100. Get 30 dedicated presets for electric or acoustic violins. Download now for a quick boost to your tone


Violin Preset Pack for Hotone AMPERO MP100

Get a bunch of new sounds for your violin with my exclusive preset pack designed for the Hotone AMPERO multi-effects unit!

Are you an alternative violinist using the Hotone AMPERO MP100? This preset pack is tailor-made for you! My 30 presets are meticulously designed to elevate your performances with the violin, whether acoustic or electric, to an entirely new level.


  1. Versatility for Every Violinist: From subtle and classical tones to modern and avant-garde sounds, this pack covers a wide range of musical styles.
  2. Optimized for Electric and Acoustic Violins: Regardless of your instrument, these presets are tuned to highlight the unique characteristics of your violin, whether using electric violin or pickups on your acoustic violin.
  3. Exclusive Impulse Response (IR): Seeking a more “acoustic” sound when playing with a pickup? We’ve included an Impulse Response specifically designed for those who want to capture the natural resonance of their violin.
  4. Easy Download and Installation: Purchase your pack, receive the download links in your purchase email, and follow simple instructions to load the presets into your AMPERO MP100. You’ll be ready to explore new sonic dimensions.
  • VV Clean
  • VV Classic
  • VV Viola
  • VV Cello
  • VV Bass
  • VV Strings


  • EV Bright
  • EV Classic
  • EV Clean
  • EV Lead
  • EV Metal 01
  • EV Metal 02


  • VV Balanced OM
  • VV Blues
  • VV C/D
  • VV Compadre
  • VV Delayed
  • VV Dreams
  • VV Frozen
  • VV Fusion
  • VV Galaxy
  • VV Grande
  • VV Hammon
  • VV Liquid
  • VV Lo-Fi
  • VV Power
  • VV Rich
  • VV Rock
  • VV Solid
  • VV Stellar
  • VV Story
  • VV Wild
  • VV Z-Organ

Post-Purchase Instructions: Upon completing your order, download links will be sent to the same email used during the purchase. If you don’t find the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder. Remember to install first the IR and the upload the presets to yout Ampero.

Ignite your musical creativity with ViolinSounds for AMPERO MP100! Buy now and take your violin performances to the next level.

Attention: These Presets were designed for the AMPERO MP100 (no matter the color). I don’t warrantee it will function with similar models like Ampero One or newer versions.