Eduardo Bortolotti is a highly skilled and versatile musician with a passion for pushing the boundaries of string performance. As a Mexican jazz violinist living in Poland, Eduardo brings a unique perspective to his music, blending jazz idioms with Latin American rhythms and exploring innovative techniques and technologies to create captivating and dynamic performances.

With a background in jazz violin and a knack for incorporating electronic effects into his playing, Eduardo is not only an accomplished performer but also a dedicated educator, sharing his expertise through workshops and lectures around the world.


In December 2020, Eduardo Bortolotti released his first album entitled “Huapango Nights”.

Contemporary jazz with elements of traditional Mexican folklore. Eduardo’s original compositions and arrangements give a very interesting approach to contemporary violin.

In April 2021 officially signed as
3dvarius Ambassador

In April 2021 officially signed with the French company of electric violins 3DVARIUS. As ambassador, Eduardo endorses a personalized 6 string violin.


Eduardo Bortolotti is not only an accomplished performer but also a dedicated educator, providing workshops that focus on modern and electric solutions for string players. He shares his expertise on how to creatively use effects and amplification to enhance musical expression.

In 2019, Eduardo provided lectures at the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy (北京現代音樂研修學院) in China, where he shared his knowledge with aspiring musicians and educators.

Beijing Contemporary Music Academy (30.10.2019)

Additionally, Eduardo has organized jazz violin workshops in various locations, including his native country of Mexico. In 2017, he conducted workshops for students at the University of Puebla, Mexico, offering valuable insights into jazz violin techniques and improvisation.

In 2020, Eduardo collaborated with the Embassy of Mexico in Indonesia and the Institute of the Arts in Jakarta to organize workshops aimed at furthering the understanding and appreciation of jazz violin in Indonesia.

Through his workshops, Eduardo Bortolotti strives to inspire and empower string players to explore new possibilities and expand their musical horizons in innovative ways.

Arts Institute, University in Puebla, Mexico (2017)

Beijing Contemporary Music Academy (2019)