Eduardo Bortolotti - Huapango Nights Album (Mexican Folk & Jazz Violin)

Huapango Nights (CD Album)

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Title: Huapango Nights
Performer / Composer: Eduardo Bortolotti
Release Date: December 11, 2020
Medium: CD
Duration: 42:27
Genre: jazz, folk, rock

In collaboration with the Embassy of Mexico in Poland and the Polish record label Soliton, the official release of the album “Huapango Nights” was carried out, the recording debut of Eduardo Bortolotti, Mexican jazz violinist.

The name of the album refers to the folk music genre, which sums up his eight-year stay in Poland and is a combination of the folkloric background with a contemporary jazz sound.

The violinist, composer and arranger has invited talented young jazz and folk musicians to collaborate on the project. Each of them contributes a key element to the quality of the entire album. Colombian Edilson Sánchez playing the bass, accentuating the Latin American expression. Mateusz Sobiechowski on piano and in charge of giving that touch of modern jazz in harmony. The drummer Bartek Staromiejski, in charge of giving that Polish-Latin rhythmic expression. An extremely important folkloric element is provided by the Mexican Alberto Suazo, who plays traditional instruments such as: jarana, donkey’s jawbone or pre-Hispanic flutes.

During the production of Huapango Nights, the most important thing for Eduardo Bortolotti was to show his Mexican roots in a version of contemporary jazz. It is a very personal musical journey that summarizes the period from the beginning of his musical career, back in his native Puebla, to the present day. Hence, the album includes nine songs, including four arrangements of traditional Mexican melodies and five of his own compositions.


Polish Jazz Blog

"Huapango Nights" is over 40 minutes of a fruitful encounter between Mexican folk music and contemporary jazz, and at the same time a bold and successful phonographic debut. Alek Jastrzębski

The Soundtrack of My Life

Overall this is a promising debut album, which shows potential and talent, and is definitely worth checking out. Adam Baruch

Donos Kulturalny

"Seductive and surprising". The leader managed to arouse the appetite for further meetings with his works. We listen to "Huapango Nights" and look forward to the next musical ventures of Eduardo Bortolotti.


The leader's acrobatic virtuosity makes a great impression. "Huapango Nights" is an excellent phonographic debut of the Mexican jazz violinist who has settled in Poland on the Vistula River. Robert Ratajczak

If Puebla were in Silesia ...

This Latin-Slavic or - more broadly - Central American-European amalgam allowed to create an extraordinary album, which successfully intertwines Mexican airiness with Polish consistency, folk melodies with jazz improvisations. Sebastian Chosiński

IKS recommends new albums

The history of Polish jazz violins is great and beautiful, and Henryk Gembalski, who is Bortolotti's mentor, contributed to it. The artist knows how to translate the lessons of the masters into his own, very interesting musical story. Tomasz Janas



Wokół Huapango Nights

Part I - Interview with Eduardo Bortolotti.

Wokół Huapango Nights

Part II - Interview with Eduardo Bortolotti.

Era Jazzu

Dionizy Piątkowski, jazz enthusiast and promoter, recommends:

Track list:

01. La Bruja [6:20]
02. Prelude to Xochipilli [1:40]
03. Cenzontle [5:34]
04. Altered Times [5:00]
05. El Cascabel [4:53]
06. Cansao [4:43]
07. Huapango Nights [4:40]
08. La Llorona [4:55]
09. Allá en el Rancho Grande [4:37]


Band members:

Eduardo Bortolotti. violins, ocarins [02. & 03.]
Mateusz Sobiechowski. piano and keyboards
Edilson Sanchez. bass guitar
Bartek Staromiejski. drums
Alberto Suazo. jarana [01. & 09.] donkey jaw [05.] ocarins [02. & 03.]

  1. Huapango Nights Eduardo Bortolotti 1:00
  2. Cansao Eduardo Bortolotti 1:00
  3. Altered times Eduardo Bortolotti 1:00
  4. La Llorona Eduardo Bortolotti 1:00
  5. Allá en el Rancho Grande Eduardo Bortolotti 1:00