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“Huapango Nights” is the recording debut of Eduardo Bortolotti, a Mexican jazz violinist. The album, in its name referring to the folk music genre, sums up his eight-year stay in Poland and is a combination of folklore background with jazz sound. The violinist, composer and arranger invites young and talented jazz and folk musicians to collaborate in the project, and each of them contributes a key element to the quality of the entire album. The Colombian Edilson Sanchez plays the bass, combining jazz with Latin rhythms, and the modern jazz expression in harmony is given by Mateusz Sobiechowski, who plays the piano. Polish-Latino
the drummer Bartek Staromiejski gives expression to the expression, and an extremely important folk element is provided by the Mexican Alberto Suazo, who plays traditional instruments such as: jarana, donkey’s jaw or
pre-Columbian ocarins.


When creating Huapango Nights, the most important thing for Eduardo Bortolotti was to show his Mexican roots in a modern jazz version. It is a very personal musical journey that sums up the period from the beginning of his musical career, back in his native Puebla, to the present day, when the pandemic limited the possibilities of artistic expression. Hence, the album includes songs that are arrangements of Mexican folk music, as well as original jazz compositions created in Poland over the years and in the last year of 2020.

|Huapango Nights
01. La Bruja [ 6:20 ]
02. Prelude to Xochipilli [ 1:40 ]
03. Cenzontle [ 5:34 ]
04. Altered Times [ 5:00 ]
05. El Cascabel [ 4:53 ]
06. Cansao [ 4:43 ]
07. Huapango Nights [ 4:40 ]
08. La Llorona [ 4:55 ]
09. Allá en el Rancho Grande [ 4:37 ]

Eduardo Bortolotti. violin, ocarinas [02. & 03.]
Mateusz Sobiechowski. piano & keyboards
Edilson Sanchez. electric bass
Bartek Staromiejski. drums
Alberto Suazo. jarana [01. & 09.] jawbone percussion [05.] ocarinas [02. & 03.]

recorded and mixed at Jazovia Cultural Center
mastering by Magdalena Piotrowska (Hear Candy Mastering Studio)
photography by Dorota Koperska
graphic design by Eduardo Bortolotti
distribution by Soliton SL 1092


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